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*Only 20 people Are Accepted At A Time. Your Application Does Not Guarantee You A Spot*

Please take the next 3 minutes to answer all the questions below to apply. I review each of these personally, so please provide as much detail as possible.

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What's Your Goal?

What have you tried in the past and why hasn't it worked for you? What's stopping you from hitting your goal?

On a scale of 1-10...1 being I'm satisfied where I am and 10 being I'll do anything to reach my goal. What number are you?

Does your spouse or significant other support you?

(Meaning they will give you a thumbs up on whatever you decide)

Are you willing to use a credit card, PayPal credit, or loan if you feel it's what you need?

What would you expect from me as your coach if we decide to work together?

My programs are about teaching, not just ordering you around. I tell clients It's a one time investment. I'm not the cheapest but I solve your issue forever.

After the program you should never need another coach or program again because I'll teach you every last trick in the book pertaining to diet and exercise. With that said, are you willing to invest financially to reach your goals?

(Be ready to move forward on the call IF YOU and me decide you're a good fit for this program. IF you are not a good fit I will let you know and refer you to someone else)

If accepted how soon are you looking to get started?

(if you aren't ready please just wait and schedule when you can. I expect those who feel it's a fit to move forward. Those who don't take actions are 95% more likely to continue to do nothing)


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